Some schools near Indianapolis closing due to threats

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — Police and the FBI are investigating after authorities say someone made threats to Plainfield High School and Danville High School near Indianapolis, IN. The threats made toward the schools caused administrators to close all schools on Thursday. The Danville police chief said the student who is making threats should be prepared to face jail time.

Danville schools received a threat overnight that led to two arrests. That threat was not connected to Plainfield. Early Thursday morning police said a separate threat was made to Plainfield and later police discovered the same social media account was making threats to Danville as well.

Plainfield Police said they are actively investigating the threat made online to Plainfield High School. Police were not able to give any more information about the threat. 24-Hour News 8 found a threat made online. It said there would be a “bloodbath” at Plainfield High. Police would not say if they believe the threat was legitimate, but they said any time something like this happens they take it seriously.

Danville Police said they have arrested two Danville students for the original threat at Danville High School. Danville Police Chief William Wright said those students, a freshman and a senior are facing preliminary charges of intimidation.

The Danville Police Chief said he does not believe there is an active threat to any students. However, the school decided to close early Thursday morning after connecting the threats to Plainfield.

Police in Danville held a press conference at the school and said who ever is making threats to school, “Get ready to go to jail.. We’re just flat out not going to put up with it.”

Wright said they have a plan in place and are taking this threat very seriously. He said the case “mushroomed” quickly on social media.

“Anything on social media will be taken very seriously, especially threats,” he said. “We can’t afford to not take something like this seriously”

Danville Community School Corp. Superintendent Tracey Shafer said that the school is also working to ascertain the credibility of the new threat that they believed to be tied to Danville.

Shafer said that closing the schools did interfere with final exams, but stressed that those exams can wait.  They will have a plan for after break.

Danville police are encouraging parents to be parents and ask their children what they know about the threats.

“That’s what we need we need the parents, go thru children’s phone. We were told there was adelay in this getting reported. Be nosy. Be an invasive parent. I mean that’s what it’s about. You’re their friend second. You’re their parent first,” said Wright.

A spokeswoman for Plainfield schools released this statement about school being closed Thursday:

All Plainfield Community School Corporation schools will be closed today, Thursday, December 17. A threat has been directed to the high school, and the safety and security of all students is our highest priority.

School officials have been working with the Plainfield Police Department throughout the night.

We will continue working with public safety officials, as this is an ongoing investigation.

School will resume on January 4.

Repeating: The safety and security of all students is our highest priority, and the entire corporation campus will be closed today, Thursday, December 17. No further statements are planned at this time.

Plainfield also closed YMCA child care and Little Quakers Academy.

Danville Community School Corporation posted this message on its Facebook page late Wednesday night:

Late this afternoon, Danville High School administrators investigated an unconfirmed rumor that a student was planning to bring a gun to school tomorrow on Thursday. Through the evening, school administration has been working with the Danville Metropolitan Police Department to investigate the credibility of this rumor. This investigation involved questioning of all suspects and a search of the residences of those alleged to be involved. No credible evidence has been revealed to support this rumor. Danville Schools and the Danville Police take these types of situations very seriously. School will take place at Danville High School tomorrow as scheduled. As an act of good measure, police presence will also be on hand at the school. Any parent that wishes to, is also welcome to accompany your son or daughter to the school in the morning.

Police in Franklin were also investigating two shooting threats at the high school that occurred this week. They say two drawings were found in a boys’ bathroom stall at the high school. The threats showed a gun with the words “shoot up the school” written in them.

24-Hour News 8’s partners at the Daily Journal say the first was found on Monday and the second was reported on Wednesday. Police are looking over video surveillance to see if they can find out who drew the images. Parents were notified by e-mail Wednesday.

Police in Franklin place extra patrols at the school after threats found on bathroom wall. (Provided Photo Johnson County Daily Journal)
Police in Franklin place extra patrols at the school after threats found on bathroom wall. (Provided Photo/Daily Journal)

Extra police will be at the school on Thursday and Friday.  Superintendent David Clendening said the threats were not credible enough to close the school.

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