Summerville’s “A Storybook Christmas” Parade


Summerville, S.C- The town of Summerville, South Carolina will host their Annual Christmas Parade with the help of their sponsor Summerville DREAM. The Annual Christmas Parade is a free and open to the public. It takes place Sunday, December 13 at 2pm.

Traditionally, the parade is one of the largest in the state, and has featured nearly 3,000 participants with an overwhleming spectatorship of 25,000. The Parade sports an annual theme, in which the participants’ floats are judged, based on originality, creativity, and overall effort.

Community members are encouraged to promote their organization, school or business to help celebrate the holiday. Spread Christmas cheer by dressing in holiday costume, handing out candy, and much more. Only participants in the holiday spirit will be allowed to take part in the procession.

Each year the parade has a theme and this year it is “A Storybook Christmas.” A favorite Christmas tale, sweet memories from holidays past, or dreams for the future.

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