Graduates Mull Over Student Debt, Job Market

Students stood in line to be handed that precious piece of paper they’ve worked so hard for.

At the end of that stage, awaits the real world—and then what? Grads have to face the facts…and the bills. And if you ask them, it’s definitely something they think about.

“Um, slightly! Just slightly!” says one grad.

“I am, yes! (do you know how much you have?) Over $60,000,” says graduate Kara Ball.

“Kind of, I mean, it’s a worry, I think it’s a worry everyone has. You know, are you going to be able to pay off your debt? Just like are you going to be able to pay off your car,” says Nursing major Samantha Hall.

But while they are worried about the mounds of debt that await them, most grads we spoke with say their future job will take care of that…something most of these grads already have.

“Wilkins Miller, it’s an accounting firm here in Mobile,” says one graduate.

“Yes, I do! Access magazine! I was their intern and they actually just hired me on!” says graduate Mary Kreager.

“Strickland Youth Center. I’ll be a juvenile probation officer. I just want to impact children’s lives, make it a little better for them,” says

So while they’ll soon be playing the game of life for real… they’ve already accomplished one dream and that’s the first step in that game.

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