Conway couple claims product helps prevent hangovers

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – The holidays can be a cheerful time, unless you have a pounding headache. One Conway couple claims they have a product that will help prevent hangovers.

A hangover most commonly occurs after drinking a lot of alcohol.

“I’m not going to say I’m like a raging alcoholic or anything but I like to drink,” said Boozi Creator Sheila Walberg-O’Neil.

She spent five years creating a product to help cure hangovers. After about a dozen prototypes and heavy testing, she came up with Boozi…The Elixir Fixer.

O’Neil directs users to pull the device out of the packet, rinse under warm water and place in a liquor or wine bottle 24-48 hours before drinking.

“Quite honestly I haven’t had a bad hangover in over two years,” she stated.

However, she wanted concrete proof before putting it on the market. O’Neil says the Conway Innovation Center put her in touch with Coastal Carolina Assistant Professor of Chemistry Drew Bunder.

“I have some experience and expertise in analyzing liquor,” he said.

Bunder tested 21 different liquors. He says most bottles contain between 50 and 100 chemicals.

“It’s pretty evident the product will remove some of those chemicals over time,” explained Bunder.

Bunder says he also noted a distinct flavor difference in Boozi treated alcohol.

“It’s becoming a much cleaner flavor if that makes sense,” he said.

According to Bunder, there are several factors that cause hangovers including dehydration. He couldn’t confirm whether or not Boozi actually cures hangovers, but he says it could help.

“If we remove the chemicals or at least reduce the amount of those chemicals, those effects are going to be also reduced or eliminated,” he said.

Boozi is patent pending, biodegradable and FDA approved. Several stores in downtown Conway already sell Boozi. O’Neil offers taste testing at the Boozi headquarters on Main Street.

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