Sullivan’s Island beach view drama entering next stage

The town of Sullivan’s island is no longer the focus of a lawsuit involving beach views but the issue enters its next phase.

A judge recently issued a ruling siding with the town that its residents had no rights to prune trees in the town’s accredited land.

In November, a Sullivan’s Island man was found guilty of illegally cutting 200 trees. Court documents show the man had been cutting trees over a large swath in the forest – which made an arrow pointing directly at his house. The man has since paid the $2,080 fine.

“What we’ve got is a patchwork quilt,” said Rick Reed, referring to forest and way his neighbors on Sullivan’s Island have attempted to manage the trees growth. Reed, also a conservationist, says the sporadic tree-cutting messes with the ecology and is optimistic the town can reach a compromise with the former plaintiffs. “With some patience and some management and some clearing particularly invasives (plants),” said Reed, “they can have their cake and eat it too.”

The town of Sullivan’s Island will hold a meeting on its land management project December 18.

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