Power Struggle in Summerville Before New Mayor Takes Office

Courtesy: Twitter

The battle for power continuing in Summerville, as the new Mayor Elect Wiley Johnson is fighting for his power. The council decided to do a first reading on an amendment to give the power of the Mayor to the Town Administrator. And Wednesday night, more changes on the agenda.

Mayor Elect Wiley Johnson, “We used to be elected in May and took office in June.. now we are elected in November and we take office in January.”

And there lies the problem says Johnson, the time between election and taking office will be 2 months, and he says a lot an happen in between.

“With that in mind.. a lot of changes, couldn’t happen so quickly… because government should not have changes that happen very quickly.”

Changes like the agenda tonight, a line item for a new organization chart for the town and a line item to appoint the standing council committees for 2016.

“Generally, the new Mayor appoints these committees.”

“I think Mr. Bailey has said… if Mayor Collins had been elected he would not have changed the ordinances….that was.. I think something that really shocked me.. it showed me it was somewhat disingenuous and that they wanted to change things because I was elected.”

We reached out to Councilman Bailey and he had this to say:

“Changing the ordinances in question never came up until after the recent election because after Mayor Collins took office in 2011 he persuaded council to give him the additional powers of town administrator. He was given increased responsibilities. mayor elect Johnson is in an entirely different position. On his campaign website he stated as part of his platform “The Town needs to return to the original ‘council ‘ form of government with a professional town administrator”. The ordinances under consideration are inconsistent with the council form of government that Mr. Johnson says he wanted”

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