Mount Pleasant teams up with Charleston County to widen Highway 41

Mount Pleasant has agreed to work with Charleston County on the highway 41 widening project. But how soon will construction start? And where will the money come from?

At last nights meeting, Mount Pleasant town Council agreed to ask Charleston county to partner with them on widening highway 41. Charleston County Council Chairman Elliott Summey tells News 2 that he believes county council will approve the deal. “The county over the last decade or so has moved into, with our sales tax program, moved into being able to handle large road projects.”

Summey says a major project like widening Highway 41 from two lanes to four lanes with a median is exactly the kind of thing the county can help with.

The cost of the project, from highway 17 to the Wando bridge, is going to be high. “If you think about what’s going to have to happen at the corner of 17 and that interchange possibility that in and of itself would probably cost $30-$40 million and then widening 41 to cost another $40 million-$50 million you’re talking a $100 million project.”

Much of that money he said may come from a future new sales tax bond. How soon will all this happen?? “You’re talking about a 5 to 6 year period for design, permit and construct.”

He said this project is not optional, as more than 50 people per day are moving into the Lowcountry. “People love living here. If that’s going to continue, we’ve got to get ahead of the infrastructure issue.”

On December 17th, Charleston County Council will discuss and formally vote to work with Mt Pleasant on the project. There is $1.2 million available from another project that came in under budget to begin the work on designing and permitting this project. Mount Pleasant would pay $400,000 for the project as well. That work could begin in January.

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