Lowcountry sounds off on Trump’s Muslim ban

Party leaders on both sides to continue to distance themselves from Donald Trump after the presidential candidate’s call to ban all Muslims from entering the country.

Members of the Central Mosque of Charleston spent most of their day talking to media. “It’s something that really hurt us,” said Ruby Abid, a member of the mosque. Abid says she came to the mosque Tuesday to spread the message of her faith and that Trump does not know the meaning of Islam. “It teaches us peace,” said Abid, “people are using Islam’s name and they are doing these things and we highly condemned that.”

“We were not expecting something like that from a person who’s running for president,” said Shaheed Hussein, the president of the Central Mosque of Charleston.

“There is a long tradition of nativism in the United States,” said Brian Noris who teaches immigration at the Citadel. “If you go back and look at the language debates of the early 20th century, these were debates about if these darn German kids are going to speak English.”

Before his comments on the USS Yorktown Monday night, Donald Trump had previously called for surveillance on mosques.

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