Family and friends who lost loved ones to DUI gathered in Moncks Corner





Friends and family who lost loved ones to alcohol or drug DUI had a chance to remember their lives Tuesday night.

One of the things that makes drunk driving so sad is that there so preventable. When someone gets in their car they probably don’t plan on killing someone in a few minutes. But often times that’s exactly what happens.

We spoke with Kelly DeHay, a Berkeley County woman who lost her 3 year old daughter Kasey in October 2007. “My daughter was full of energy, full of life. She was the noise in my house… I was an eighth of a mile from my house when a drunk driver smashed into our car… my little girl was killed instantly by the choices that man made to drink and get behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive.”

She says Kasey was a sweet little girl. “She was always into something. She had me on my toes all the time. She loved Disney princesses and she also loved our dog and that was her buddy and her best friend was my son.”

Dealing with the loss of Kasey is the hardest thing Kelly has done. “In order to heal myself a little bit, and to make some sense out of the tragedy, I work with the Kennedy Center in order to share our story and let others know that the choices they make impacts more than just themselves.”

The Kennedy Center along with The Berkeley County Prevention Board hosted their 26th annual Candlelight Memorial Service for victims of DUI Tuesday night at Moncks Corner AME Church. Kelly attends each year. “It’s a wonderful way to honor the people that have been affected, the people that you’ve lost. It’s just an amazing thing and I look forward to being a part of that every year.”

At the service, Berkeley County Sheriff Dwayne Lewis Duane Lewis addressed the crowd. He told them that DUI was not a social problem, it is a crime. He assured them that as long as he is sheriff, his department will aggressively enforce drunk driving laws.


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