Comfort dog missing from boarding facility

A woman’s dog escapes from a Berkeley County boarder, but it’s no ordinary pet. It’s a comfort dog for the woman who suffers from severe anxiety, and now she’s worried more than ever. The dog is a 2-year-old pit bull named Bruin, and he’s been missing since Thursday, December 3rd, when he escaped from Goose Creek Bed and Biscuit.

Bruin’s owner, Keyla Childs, says, “I just haven’t been able to stop crying. Every day that he’s not returned I cry every night until I can’t cry any more, basically.”

Keyla says she and Bruin have been inseparable ever since she rescued him when he was four months old. They connected right away, because Bruin helps to alleviate Keyla’s panic attacks.

She says, “I used to have panic attacks and anxiety attacks pretty much every day, and I used to be very depressed as well, and he has helped cut that in half at least.”

Keyla says anxiety medicine just doesn’t work as well as her comfort dog. She even got a doctor’s note to bring him to college.

Keyla says, “Any problems I have, I can just lay on the floor, lay on the couch, lay on my bed, and he will be right there next to me cuddled up to me.”

Bruin has some anxiety of his own, especially when he is separated from his owner. That’s one reason why Keyla was so wary to leave Bruin at Goose Creek Bed and Biscuit boarding when she and her family flew up North for the weekend.

Keyla says, “I took a few steps out and as soon as he couldn’t see me, he jumped over the gate. And of course I was like, this is what he’s going to do so be sure to keep an eye on him. A few hours later, I was on the plane and I got the call that my dog had escaped and they didn’t know where he went to.”

They say he escaped through the front door.

Keyla’s mother, Debbie Childs, says, “She said, we didn’t even know he was gone. They went to check on him and noticed he wasn’t in the room and they asked another person if they took him for a walk and they said no, and that’s when they realized he went out their front door.”

News 2 spoke to one of the owners of Goose Creek Bed and Biscuit, she did not want to comment on camera but said she is very sad about this incident and no dog has ever gotten out of their care before.

While News 2 was in Keyla’s home, she got a call from someone who thinks they spotted Bruin near a Summerville gas station.

The caller said,”The poor thing, he looks lost. I feel so bad.”

Keyla and her mom rushed out after that person called, but so far they haven’t tracked him down yet. If you think you see Bruin, call (843) 532-7331.

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