2 Your Health MonaLisa Laser Rejuvenation for post-pregnancy and menopause

Many women suffer from problems like vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, urge or stress incontinence, painful sexual intercourse and recurring urinary tract infections. Untreated, these problems can cause reduced sexual enjoyment and interest, and relationship problems.

Deborah Andruff suffered from vaginal dryness for 12 years. She said it was a personal embarrassment. “Because I had extreme vaginal dryness, I had basically no relationship with my husband” Andruff said.  Unable to find relief on her own, Andruff ended her silent suffering and spoke with Dr. Lorie Frankel at Palmetto Women’s Health.  Dr. Frankel recommended The MonaLisa Touch, a revolutionary, non-surgical, treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. The treatment itself is almost painless, low risk and requires no ‘downtime’. It is suitable for most women and offers an alternative to quiet suffering or for some women, regular use of HRT creams.

“It is a big problem in post menopausal women.  It makes it very difficult if not impossible to have sexual relations. It also causes a general feeling of discomfort because of a lack of estrogen in the tissue. And so now without hormones without surgery you have simple 5 minute procedure that lets you feel like a woman again”,  Dr Frankel said

MonaLisa Touch uses a non-surgical fractional laser system, very similar to the laser treatments long available for facial rejuvenation. The laser works by optically splitting a laser beam into a series of very small dots that are aimed at the inside wall of the vagina. The laser pulses for less than a tenth of second, during which the intensity of the laser is carefully varied by a computer to match the characteristics of the existing vaginal wall. At the point of contact, the laser dot removes a tiny area of tissue. This creates a pinhole around the diameter of a human hair. As the body repairs itself, it stimulates cells to create new healthy tissue at the site of the dot and the flesh immediately surrounding it.

Andruff says one week after treatment she had reduced pain during sex and an improvement in her relationship with her husband.  “After about a week of post The MonaLisa it (sexual relations) were back again,” Andruff said.

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