American Red Cross assisting Goose Creek family after fire damages their home

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C., December 7, 2015 – American Red Cross disaster-trained volunteers are assisting a family after their home, located on Bayshore Drive in Goose Creek, was damaged by a fire on Monday morning. Goose Creek Rural Fire Department responded.

The Red Cross is meeting the immediate needs of two adults by providing financial assistance to assist with their immediate needs, including temporary housing, and comfort kits containing personal hygiene items.

HOME FIRE PREPAREDNESS The Red Cross is asking people to take two simple steps that can help save lives: check their existing smoke alarms and practice fire drills at home.

  • Every household should develop a fire escape plan and practice it several times a year and at different times of the day.
    • Include two ways to get out of every room and consider escape ladders for sleeping areas or homes on the second floor or above.
    • Pick a place outside for everyone to meet and make sure everyone knows where it is.
    • Practice that home fire drill until everyone in the household can do it in less than two minutes.
  • Install smoke alarms on every level of the home, inside bedrooms and outside sleeping areas. Test them every month and replace the batteries when needed.

In South Carolina the Red Cross responds to a disaster every four hours. Because of volunteers and financial assistance from the community, the Red Cross was able to help more than 7,100 individuals affected by disasters, the majority of those being home fires, in S.C. last year.   

To help neighbors affected by disasters, become a Red Cross volunteer or make a financial contribution to Red Cross by calling 843-764-2323 or visiting 

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