W.M. Anderson Primary students gain hands on learning experience through Project Based Learning

KINGSTREE, S.C. — W.M. Anderson Primary School in Kingstree is an enterprise learning school with supportive learning environments.  The environments  promote personalized  learning and instruction through Project Based Learning.  We’re in Williamsburg County for our Cool School of the week.

Kindergarten students at W.M. Anderson Primary are getting a hands on lesson on being a part of a productive community.  From churches, to public service agencies, to businesses, one student created a project where he became  superintendent of Williamsburg County School District.  Another student became  the owner of his own bank.  Kindergarten teacher Loretta Turner says, “We began with our children as citizens unit, and a culminating activity.  We decided for them to do projects to see if they could research and figure out the different parts of the community, and how the community helps them.  They play a part in the community, and therefore they are getting hands on experience in learning about the different things that go on in the community, and the different components of the community, and how all those things pull in to really everyday learning.”

It’s all a part of Project Based Learning at A.P.S., the largest primary school in Williamsburg County School District.  Principal Cynthia Brown says, “We have a Project Based Learning project going on now through a part of the Race to the Top grant, and the kids  have done some awesome community helpful projects.”  Students are actively engaged in project based learning to enhance critical thinking, collaboration, effective communication, and creativity.  Brown says, “They did it at home with parents, so it allowed the parents and children to work together on a project.  As we know, as we go into the 21st century, and we look at what our graduates will need, they are going to need a lot of hands on, how do we do things together skills.  Project Based Learning is important because children actually work on projects as they learn.”

The  second graders are getting a hands on experience in how the electoral process works with students running for school offices.   Second-grade student Kelsey Izzard says, “The projects are fun and help you learn.  Principal Brown says, “It’s the place to be.  We have wonderful students, supportive staff, and our parents are just awesome.  They support this school 100 percent. It is a great school.”

Students will be getting one-to-one personalized technology devices in January.

The school is well known for its primary school band.  They are working on re-organizing the popular band and hope to bring it back soon.

Coming up Friday on News 2 Today, we’ll present the W.M. Anderson Primary Jaguars with our Cool School award.

We want to hear about the good things that are going on at your school, just send an email to Octavia at omitchell@wcbd.com.

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