Cool School: W.M. Anderson Primary School

W.M. Anderson Primary is the largest primary school in Williamsburg county.  We’re in Kingstree for our Cool School of the week.

W.M. Anderson Primary School is an award winning school with more than five-hundred students in 4K through second grades.  The school has received National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence,  Red Carpet, and Palmetto Gold and Silver awards.

A.P.S is an enterprise learning school with supportive learning environments that promote personalized and enterprise learning and instruction.  The school’s climate is family centered, with engaging and rigorous standards-based curriculum.

W.M. Anderson Primary School has a very active PTA, and a parenting center.  School leaders say Anderson Primary School provides students with the academic, technological, and life skills necessary for  success.  Principal Cynthia Brown says, “We’re a Cool School because our students, our parents, our faculty, and staff, we’re a family.   We work together.  We achieve together, and we do things throughout the community together.  We feel like we’re cool because we are all about education, and that’s a cool thing.”  Second-grade student Demia Mosley says, “My school is a cool school because my principal is awesome, the teachers are great, and the students rock.”  “We have dynamic teachers here.  We have a super principal that steers us in the right direction.  Our students do a lot of hands on learning.  It’s just a cool school. I love being here,” says Kindergarten teacher Loretta Turner.

A.P.S. has received many grants and awards including, Race-to-the-Top, MUSC Fitness grant,  Department of Education Arts Curriculum and 21st Century grant.

Students will be getting one-to-one personalized technology devices in January.

The school is well known for its primary school band.  They are working on re-organizing the popular band and hope to bring it back soon.

Coming up tonight at 5, we’ll tell you about Anderson Primary School’s Project Based Learning program, and how students are benefiting from it.

We want to hear about the good things that are going on at your school, just send an email to Octavia at

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