Attorney General Will Not Intervene in Hammond shooting

In a letter to Representative Todd Rutherford, Attorney General Alan Wilson says he will not intervene the prosecution’s decision regarding the shooting death of Zachary Hammond by a Seneca Police Officer.

Representative Rutherford had asked for the Attorney General to open the case in early November, after Solicitor Chrissy Adams said that she would not be charging Seneca officer Mark Tiller.

Tiller shot and killed Hammond in a restaurant parking lot during a drug raid on Hammond’s passenger.

In the letter, Wilson states that he cannot intervene because “it would create a dangerous precedent if the office were to begin reviewing the decisions of the sixteen circuit Solicitors. The Office of the Attorney General cannot be put in the position of second guessing every controversial prosecution decision made by a Solicitor.”

The letter goes on to say, that although the Attorney General won’t be intervening, there are other avenues the Hammond family can pursue, including their wrongful death action that they have filed.

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