Clemson Remains No. 1 in College Football Playoff Poll

Deshaun Watson
Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson tumbles into the endzone for a 5-yard touchdown run during the first half of an NCAA college football game against South Carolina, Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015, in Columbia, S.C. (AP Photo/Richard Shiro)

Clemson, S.C.- Clemson was ranked No. 1 in the nation in the College Football Playoff Poll released Tuesday night, December 1.  It marked the fifth consecutive week that Clemson had been ranked first in the poll that will determine the four teams who will compete in the second College Football Playoff.   Clemson has been No. 1 in all five College Football Playoff Polls so far.

Clemson is also No. 1 this week by Associated Press and USA Today, the fourth straight No. 1 ranking in AP and the third straight by USA Today.

One of the reasons for Clemson’s No. 1 ranking is the fact the Tigers are the only school with wins over two top 10 teams.  The Tigers defeated No 8 Notre Dame in October and No. 9 Florida State in November.  Saturday Clemson will face No. 10 North Carolina.

Clemson has a 12-0 record, including a perfect 8-0 mark in the ACC.   The College Football Playoff Committee will announce the four teams for the playoff on Dec. 6 at noon.

College Football Playoff Poll for November 24, 2015.

1. Clemson (12-0),  2. Alabama (11-1), 3. Oklahoma (11-1), 4. Iowa (12-0), 5. Michigan State (11-1), 6. Ohio State (11-1)  7. Stanford (10-2)  8. Notre Dame (10-2) 9. Florida State (10-2) 10. North Carolina (11-1)  11. TCU (10-2), 12. Baylor (9-2), 13. Mississippi (9-3), 14.  Northwestern (10-2), 15. Michigan (9-3), 16. Oregon (9-3), 17. Oklahoma State (10-2), 18.  Florida (10-2), 19.  Houston (11-1), 20.  Southern Cal (8-4), 21. LSU (8-3), 22. Temple (10-2), 23. Navy (9-2), 24. Utah (9-3), 25. Tennessee (8-4).

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