Shoppers Trading Click for Tap on Cyber Monday

CHARLESTON, S.C–The way people cyber shop looks a little different this year. More people are trading the click of the mouse for the tap on a smart phone or tablet.

Charleston fashion and lifestyle blogger Annie Reeves says, “mobile shopping and tablet shopping is bigger than ever this year. So may people are shopping on their phone’s now, which is why Like to Know It is super helpful.”

Like to Know It–One of the new technologies that allows you to use Instagram to fuel your shopping. Here’s how it works.

You need an Instagram account, but that is all. Register your Instagram with Like to Know It. Now, double tap to like an Instagram post with a Like to Know It hyperlink. You get an email with links where you can buy the items for your self.

“What the blogger has done is picked out whatever sweater, sunglasses, jeans, purse their wearing and then all of those items will be clickable, Reeves describes.” You just click them and it takes you straight to the website where you can check out.

Unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday is not a holiday so people are busy at work. Reeves says, you’re less likely to have the time to sift through everything in those blanket statement sales like 20%, 30% or 50% off site wide. That’s where social media comes in.

“It’s really useful that people are going to be using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and things like that to push these…’hey remember this outfit I wore? Well, it’s 50% off now so now you can get it for even cheaper and all you have to do is click in your email and you’re done.”

Just like when you go into a store and the employee gets a commission for suggesting an item, bloggers get a small commission on the items they recommend to their followers. They allow you to get answers to the questions the site does not always address like whether you should size up, size down or the item fits true to size.

Not sure where to find a blog to follow? Blog Lovin will help you narrow it down. You can pick from categories like fashion, food and DIY to find a blog that fits your liking.

Retailers see this as a benefit and let bloggers know the deals ahead of time. Reeves says it is then the bloggers job to curate the best of the best allowing you to double tap and buy.

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