Photo of dog with muzzle taped shut prompts hundreds of calls to police

South Daytona Police Dept. have opened an animal cruelty investigation into a South Florida woman who posted a picture of her dog with its mouth duct taped shut. Facebook

SOUTH DAYTONA, FL (WFLA) —Police in South Daytona are investigating a report of animal cruelty that’s circulating in the form of a disturbing photo on social media.

The photo posted to Facebook shows a dog with duct tape around its muzzle, with a caption reading: “This is what happens when you dont shut up!!!”

As of 2 p.m. Saturday, the photo had been shared more than 200,000 times, and it’s prompted hundreds of calls and emails to local police from people around the world. WESH 2 News has also received hundreds of Facebook messages, tweets and emails about the photo.

WFLA Facebook page got a few image guest posts that showed the fog with the taped muzzle as well.

While authorities said they take this case very seriously, further emails and phone calls are only overwhelming the system and potentially affecting other emergency calls.

According to the City of South Daytona’s Facebook page, the woman suspected of posting the photo is not at her Florida residence but is traveling from another state. South Daytona police said investigators are in contact with that individual’s family members, as well as other law enforcement agencies. Investigators said they have information that the dog in the photo is OK and that the picture was taken in another state over the holiday weekend.

Officials posted on the city’s Facebook page that a full investigation will be conducted and that appropriate action will be taken.

SDPD said it will continue to diligently investigate the case.

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