Donald Trump speaks to thousands at Myrtle Beach campaign stop

File-This Oct. 21, 2015, file photo shows Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaking during a campaign stop at the Burlington Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, Iowa. Trump is out with a new book that reads like a campaign manifesto providing lots of boasting, but little in the way of new detail on how he plans to implement policy goals. It does provide some insight, however, into how he uses the media to his advantage. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File)

Tuesday, Donald Trump spoke to thousands of supporters at a campaign stop at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

The night began with Trump inviting his entire family including his wife and two daughters on stage, something he says he has not done before.

His family wasn’t the only one invited on stage

Trump stopped mid-sentence to invite an impersonator from the crowd up next to him in front of thousands.

Terry Silliman drove up from the Charleston area, he said he already planned to vote for Trump and Tuesday night’s speech just confirmed his choice.

“He’s a down to earth guy. I have nothing but respect for someone who can pull someone out of the crowd, especially with a crowd like that of more than 11,000 people it’s like winning the lottery,” said Silliman.

Trump also touched on local issues; mistakenly calling the I-73 project “I-85”.

As well as several national issues like Iran policy, waterboarding and called out several of his political opponents.

After the event, a group of people from the Myrtle Beach area said they think Trumps politics are only improving as the race continues.

“I think he’s funny, he’s really funny, but he’s so truthful,” said Pat Billman who was in attendance at the campaign speech.

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