Berkeley County WWII veteran honored for time spent as a prisoner of war

A Berkeley County man was honored Wednesday for his time spent serving our nation as a POW during World War II.

James Arthur Eidson, Jr. tells News 2, “I was with the 4th Army Division, Patton’s 3rd Army.” Eidson fought at the Battle of the Bulge. “It was cold. I know it was cold. We were freezing with snow on the ground… I was a tank gunner on a Sherman tank.”

Then one day in the winter of 1945, in the heat of battle, “before I knew it, my tank was knocked out and I was in the snow with Germans all around us… I was there in the morning from about 11 for about an hour or so trying to play dead.”

However a German spotted him moving slightly and he was taken into the first of two POW camps he was held at.

His son Robert Eidson explains. “He told us about how cold it was and that they didn’t have hardly any blankets to keep warm. They slept on the floor, they were ate up with live, and the Red Cross packages didn’t come because a lot of Germans were starving too.”

He spent about three months as a POW before he was liberated.

Tears fell today as he was honored for serving us all. He couldn’t make it to a ceremony with Governor Haley back on Sept 3rd to receive a South Carolina POW medal, so Governor Haley sent a representative to his house in Pimlico.

“On behalf of the Governor, and everybody else in the state of South Carolina, we are so proud of your service and this is just a small token that we can give and pin on you for your service.”

Edison’s other son, James Eidson said, “Oh, I’m just elated. I just feels like we have taken this last step to be able to show my dad he’s honored.”image

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