Muslims against ISIS hold rally downtown Greenville

An Upstate Islamic group took to the streets of Greenville to condemn the attacks on Paris.  “Muslims Against ISIS” rallied from One City Plaza Sunday.

The Islamic Society of Greenville says they were joined by people who aren’t of Muslim faith but who stand with them. The group says they criticize any attack made by terror groups.

They emphasized that ISIS has killed thousands of people of Islamic faith. They want people to know the radical terrorists don’t speak or act on the behalf of the millions of other Muslims worldwide.

“Not one Muslim that I know has even the smallest hint of support for ISIS. So of course it’s upsetting for us to hear the news when Islam and a terrorist group seem so close together when we are worlds apart,” said Leilani Fletcher, a member of the Islamic Society of Greenville.

“You know it is the very few taking down, trying to take down the whole world and relationships between everyone,” said Fritz Wiebel, an Air Force Veteran who supports the Muslim community.

The Islamic group says they have seen negativity against Muslims since the Paris attacks. The society believes the best way to lessen that backlash is knowledge about Islamic faith, which they say is a peaceful religion.

They hope if anyone has questions they’ll reach out. If you would like to know more, click HERE.

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