I-Team: Home slips off foundation

Dandi Daniels gave the News 2 I-Team a tour of her crumbling home.

“The side of the house is buckling,” she showed Rebecca Collett, pointing to her siding. “It’s buckling there,” she said showing another side of the home.

In September the City of Walterboro condemned Daniels’ home.

“Water comes on the property, washes away the dirt, and a house does what a house will do when there’s no foundation,” she explained of the issues.

It’s uphill both ways out of her driveway, and water from the road in front of her home is washing away the foundation, according to a report from Donan Engineering Company. The report said one of the issues is the slope of the road which directs water toward her home.  The report also said the family needed gutters.

“This isn’t a blown tire. This isn’t a rock into a windshield. This is our home,” she said.

And Daniels wants help from the DOT to pay for the issues with the foundation.

“They did say they would assist by cleaning the drainage system,” she told News 2. “But it wasn’t the lack of sufficient draining.  It wasn’t the lack of draining at all. Water doesn’t run uphill. It runs right onto our property.”

There is a drain near the Daniels’ home, but the road slopes away from the drain. According to the Donan report, the road is “directing water toward the east side of the house resulting in erosion on the exterior of the foundation”.

When Daniels tried to collect on her lost home, the State Insurance Reserve Fund denied their claim. In a letter they told Daniels there are “several factors beyond the control of the Department of Transportation, contributing to the damages”.

“They are not the people we pay our taxes to,” she told News 2.

A spokesperson for the DOT told Rebecca Collett and claims over $1500 and/or involving personal injury are handled by IRF.  When News 2 requested a copy of any engineering inspections associated with the home, we were told we needed to file paperwork to obtain it.

News 2 has reached out to legislators for help with resolving the issue.

Stay tuned for an update.


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