Summerville; After Mayoral Race, a Move to Strip Power

Courtesy: Twitter

A power struggle in the town of Summerville last night, as an ordinance went through a first reading and voted unanimously in the town council meeting, that could strip the powers away from the mayor elect wiley Johnson and give them to the town administrator.

Mayor Elect Wiley Johnson, Summerville “Sour grapes.. Sour grapes! Sore losers…I wonder what they have to hide? I wonder what they are afraid of.”

Mayor elect Wiley Johnson.. after a victory, now facing a new challenge, his powers stripped away and his camp says with little notice of an ordinance to do so.

Peter Gorman, Campaign Manager, “The agenda was published for the regularly scheduled meeting… and we were told night before last that they had added 2 amendments…and that those 2 amendments would strip the Mayor elect Wiley Johnson of his authority as Mayor.”

The agendas sent days apart, the first sent to the media on November 6th, didn’t have the ordinance. But on November 11th the day before the meeting, a revised agenda, an added line for the proposed ordinance

Peter Gorman, Wiley Johnson Campaign Manager,

”It would prevent him from speaking to the town administrator, which the council had just a few days before appointed a new town administrator, it would prevent him from taking action in times of hurricanes and earthquakes, it would prevent him from dealing with any corruption with town employees.”

Johnson, “January 6th is a whole new day! We can re-instate those powers.. and in fact.. the powers they are trying to strip away from me are the powers that berlin g myers had back when he was Mayor.”

The next  council meeting is December 9th where a second reading is set to take place on the ordinance.

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