Impresa Aerospace manufacturing plant opens in Goose Creek

A brand-new business to the Lowcountry is getting ready to cut the ribbon at their facility in Goose Creek tonight. Impresa Aerospace is a supplier for Boeing and other airimagecraft companies. They plan to hire 72 people over five years at the plant.

Impresa CEO Scott Smith says the company is in the component business making numerous parts for lots of aircraft. “Aluminum and titanium components, as well as sheet metal structures that make up the wings, the fuselage, the landing gear, components for lots of parts you don’t see on the plane, that is what Impresa’s doing.”

They need people to get the job done.
An estimated 72 new jobs within 5 years, but it could be as high as 75-100 new jobs.

“We’re gonna pay them fine wages, a healthy benefits package. we really want to attract some of the best people in the region to come work for us.”

If you are interested in one of those jobs, the “best thing is, go to our website. We post our job openings on our website”

Just as Boeing helps smaller businesses like Impresa, other new businesses are excited to hear Impresa is moving into the area and helping their business. Businesses like Carolima’s restaurant, which opened a couple of months ago just down the street from Impresa’s plant.

Zachary Davidson is the Executive Chef at Carolima’s. “We’re definitely excited about the new business opening up around the corner. It’s going to bring more business and give us an opportunity to expand and mean good things for our organization.”

Impress currently has 350 employees in California and Kansas.

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