I-Team: Clements Ferry Road failing, plans to widen delayed

The widening project for Clements Ferry Road has been pushed back years, and based on Department of Transportation estimation it could be another five years before it’s done despite issuing a failing grade to the road in 2012.


The original schedule in 2010 was to initiate land acquisition in Fall of 2012 and to advance to construction in Spring 2014.  Right now, the DOT expects to break ground by September 2016.

Berkeley County Spokesman, Michael Mule, told News 2 the project is waiting on land acquisition and a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers.

The project encountered some delays in the land acquisition phase because of a large number of planned developments along the section of Clements Ferry Road.  The DOT told News 2, many property owners had approved site development plans, and the DOT tried to minimize conflicts with the plans .  Now the DOT anticipates completion of right of way acquisition in early Spring 2016.

“Many right of way revisions involved our drainage outfalls which are more complex changes and require more time to complete,” Project Manager, Joy Riley, told News 2.

News 2’s Rebecca Collett spokes with the Corps Thursday. They said the permit has been delayed because of changes to the design, but they are hopeful to issue a permit by the end of the year. The most recent plans were submitted to the Corps in October, and it usually takes 30 to 60 days to review.

As for a timeline, the DOT tells News 2 the utility relocation plans should be approved by Spring 2016 so that utility companies can begin their relocation work in the Spring and Early summer. The DOT expects to break ground by September 2016, but the plan isn’t expected to wrap up until 2020.

To Track the Project: http://dbw.scdot.org/activeprojects/ProjDescription.aspx?PC=12793&C=Berkeley&TY=24


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