WWII & Korean War Vet battling VA for leg

World War Two and Korean War Veteran Andy Nelson has been a fighter for most of his life, but is now amidst a conflict with an unlikely foe after a pair of recent post-war accidents.

The 89-year-old Nelson lost his left leg after brown recluse bit him in 2011 then his right leg in car accident in 2014. Nelson has physical therapy twice a day every day in Mount Pleasant, but that may change according to his wife. “Well the VA believes he’s not making as much progress in rehab,” said Phyllis Nelson. Mrs. Nelson says the Veterans Administration is casting Andy aside just like other veterans because of his age. “They just have given up on him, they just let him go off to pasture and die and he’s not ready to die,” said Nelson by her husband’s side, “that’s not their choice.”

Phyllis says it’s a miracle he made it back from World War II and Korea, but is praying the VA changes their mind. Andy’s favorite place in the Lowcountry is the U.S.S. Yorktown and he used to volunteer their before the second accident. “He’s in his element there and at 89, you don’t have many elements left,” said Nelson.

Health professionals monitoring Andy’s every move in his recovery. “He’s actually the first double amputee I’ve worked with, he’s amazing,” said Blair Peeples, one his physical therapists. “He’s motivated so he’s actually doing quite well,” she added.

In the meantime, the physical therapy office Andy attends says they will let him workout while this issue is sorted out with the VA.

When asked what keeps him going, Andy Nelson replied, “I fight.”

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