Doctor Ben Carson to meet with Senator Tim Scott

GREENVILLE, SC- Doctor Ben Carson will sit down with Senator Tim Scott Friday for Scott’s Town Halls.

Carson will be at Bob Jones University in Greenville. (November 13 (Friday), Noon– Dr. Ben CarsonBob Jones University, Greenville)

In a recent poll, Carson trails Donald Trump by only half a percentage point.

In the latest Republican debate, Ben Carson got just the chance to talk substance that he’s wanted. But all did not go smoothly.

In his turns at the microphone, the popular political neophyte bobbled some facts, struggled for coherence at times and offered a nearly blank slate on what he’d do as president about the Islamic State threat, big banks and other leading issues of the day.

The debate gave the eight candidates a platform to lay out policy in more detail than before.

But for a candidate who has been overshadowed in past debates and wants the focus of recent days shifted away from questions about his biography, the forum laid bare a details-to-come policy agenda as the campaign heads into a winter of decision by primary voters.

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