Decision made on Class AAA football playoffs

COLUMBIA, SC- This morning, the Appellate Panel heard Broome High School’s appeal challenging the SCHSL Executive Committee’s decision to support the seeding of the Class AAA football playoff brackets.

This was the third appeal by Broome High in regards to the Class AAA playoff brackets and at-large seed. Initially, the appeal was heard by the AAA Executive Committee, followed by the SCHSL Executive Committee and finally the Appellate Panel.

“Broome High School followed the appeal procedure through the avenues available. I have tremendous confidence in the system. It is the intent of the appeal process to provide member schools every opportunity to be heard by not only a panel of their peers, but outside individuals who pose no bias or preconceived notions of the case at hand. As we all are aware, schools are passionate about their teams reaching the highest level of excellence possible every season. Congratulations to Broome High School on a season well played,” states Jerome Singleton, SCHSL Commissioner.

Dreher High School will play Myrtle Beach High School in the first round of Class AAA football playoffs this Friday evening, November 13, 2015.




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