Cool School: Nexton Elementary

Nexton Elementary is a new state of the art school in Summerville  filled with exciting opportunities for students.  We’re in Berkeley county for our Cool School of the week.

Nexton Elementary School is a new kindergarten through fifth grade school with a diverse population of 635 students.  The school is  located in Nexton, a new Summerville development.  Nexton is the first school in Berkeley county to have one to one technology, IPads for every student in kindergarten through first grade, and students in second through fifth grade each have chrome books.  Students actively participate in accelerated reader, chorus, and Google classroom.

Nexton is a Positive Behavior Intervention Support School.  Students earn Blast Bucks for modeling positive behavior throughout the school.  Principal Nancy Leigh says,  “We have a great deal of community support at Nexton.  Our staff also works very hard to create engaging learning experiences for our students and in turn it helps our students demonstrate a great deal of success.”  Fourth-grade student Anais Varner says,  “We use chrome books instead of paper a lot because we want to save more trees.”  Teacher Courtney Blue says, “Nexton Elementary is a Cool School because we get to differentiate our learning by meeting all he needs of out students.  With the use of technology, we get the students interested in the lessons.”

The school collected more than 200 cases of water for families in need due to the historic flooding.  The Red Cross took water to the Cross area for families that continue to struggle with water damage.  Second grade students collected the most water for this community outreach.  A food drive is currently underway to provide food to community members in need for Thanksgiving.

They also participate in the Boeing/MUSC wellness program.

Nexton has more than 20 business partners from the area that supported the school’s technology advancements.  N-E also has an active PTA and school improvement council.

Coming up tonight on News 2 at 5pm, we’ll take you to Patriots Point where Nexton students had an opportunity for for first hand history and science lessons.

We want to hear about the good things that are going on at your school, just send an email to Octavia at

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