Bond denied for suspect accused of burglary that ended with 13 year old killing another suspect

Tonight a man is being held without bond in the Charleston County Jail. 28 year old Ira Bennett is charged with taking part in the burglary Tuesday that ended when a 13-year-old boy defended himself, shooting and killing another suspect.

In court, the bond judge addressed Bennett. ”
“Mr. Bennett, you have been charged with burglary first degree and also possession of a weapon during a violent crime. Do you understand those charges against you?” “Yes.”

While he told the judge he understood the charges, he then said, “I don’t know what’s going on. I’m very unaware of what’s going on here. All I did was took a friend to the hospital and I end up here.” To which the judge replied, “This is not your trial. This is just a bond hearing, OK?”

A deputy spoke for the sheriff’s office. He said after their initial call to the home, “we get a second call from North Charleston that a vehicle arrived at Trident Hospital with multiple bullet holes in it, and an individual inside with three gunshot wounds.” That man later died.

Witnesses said the vehicle was at the scene of the shooting. Investigators also located a gun used by a suspect in the back yard of the house.
The deputy also discussed Bennett’s criminal background, which includes assault with intent to kill, burglary and drug charges.

“Your honor, due to the serious nature of this crime, unfortunately we lost an individual who died, a 13-year-old child lost his innocence after having to fire, so at this time the sheriffs office would ask for no bond on the burglary first.”

A victim’s advocate spoke, saying family members of the 13 year old were in court but too distraught to talk.

Bennett then asked the judge to give him a bond. “Can you please give me a bond, sir?” The judge replied, “I don’t think I can. This is one of those cases where the magistrate has a right to deny bond, and until all this stuff is sorted out against you, I don’t think you need to be out.”

The judge denied bond on the burglary charge, and gave Bennett a $50,000 bond on the possession of a weapon during a violent crime charge. image

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