Navy family’s moving plea for stolen truck

On the night before Veteran’s Day, one Navy family is asking for help after their pick-up truck was stolen.

First Class Petty Officer Devin Mitchell went to watch football Sunday night at a Buffalo Wild Wings at the Tanger Outlets, but when he came out, his 2006 Ford F-350 was gone. He reached for his phone called his wife. “The first thing I did was ask him where are the keys,” said Ashley Mitchell, “but he had them in his pocket and the car was locked.”

North Charleston Police Department is leading the investigation, but thieves got away with things that money can’t buy. “Little things that don’t mean anything else to anybody else but us,” said Mitchell who is 8 months pregnant. Her iPad was inside the truck filled with photos of her first child Bryson leaving the hospital and hundreds of Bryson’s selfies on the same device. “3-year-old selfies are pretty cute so we can’t get those back now,” added Mitchell.

“It just disappeared,” said 3-year-old Bryson on the lap of his mother, “trucks don’t disappear.” Mitchell says the truck has a special meaning to her son since it symbolizes the return of his active-duty father. “The sound is so important to my son because as soon as he heard it that truck meant his daddy was home because when the truck was gone, my husband was gone.”

The truck filled with parts of the Mitchell family’s life now in criminal hands. “you didn’t just steal a truck, you stole father and son memories from my child,” said Mitchell, “that’s their baby, but it’s a big missing baby.”

If you have any information, please call Crimestoppers at 843-554-1111.

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