Debate schedule for last two candidates in Charleston Mayoral Race

CHARLESTON, SC — News 2 has learned new details on the first debate between the last two candidates standing in Charleston’s Mayoral Race.

John Tecklenburg and Leon Stavrinakis will meet Tuesday, November 17 in the run-off election.

The candidates held dueling news conferences on Tuesday with Tecklenburg addressing attack ads and Stavrinakis talking about his opponent not having agreed to any debates yet.

Tecklenburg did agree to a debate after Stavrinkakis’ news conference.

The debate will take place Thursday morning on the “Charlie James Show” on WTMA Radio.

Here’s a statement from Leon Stavrinakis:

I’m glad my efforts have moved John slightly.  But this doesn’t change the situation. John has refused several debates which would allow for people to actually view it in person or potentially even watch on TV. A radio show during work hours is not sufficient. We need to have a debate in the evening when people are off work and can attend or watch on television or the internet. By continuing to refuse to debate in front of people, John seems satisfied with voters being in the dark when it comes to his positions on key issues like 526, the closure of a lane on the Ashley River Bridge, and growth and development. The voters of Charleston deserve to see both candidates standing side by side presenting their case.

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