The worst college majors

ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) — When Tom Evans began college, his goal was to become a filmmaker.  “When I was younger, I thought you went to film school and you turned your resume in when they were looking for directors.”

But, as Evans began his journey, he realized majoring in a film might not be the best path, so he narrowed in on an anthropology degree.

“I had good advisors. I knew full well that a 4-year degree in anthropology wasn’t a ‘you could teach history at the high school, be a librarian’,” said Evans.

A year after graduation, Evans is working at Publix. “I work in the meat department at Publix, just cutting meat,” he said.

It turns out that majoring in anthropology and film usually leaves college graduates with degrees that have high unemployment rates and low initial income.

“I think you have to be an undergrad open to the possibilities to have to change what you’re thinking about. I think if students have the desire to succeed in this, these are the sets of students we have in New York and Los Angeles who are doing really well,” said University of Tampa professor Gregg Perkins.

Evans learned this lesson the hard way.

“I kind of realized just getting a film degree isn’t really a guarantee of any kind of work,” said Evans.

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