Passwords could become relic of the past

TOPEKA (KSNT) — If you hate entering the same password for everything or have trouble remembering which password goes with which account, you may be in luck.

Some tech gurus predict that passwords will be a thing of the past.

According to a digital consumer survey, 60 percent of people think passwords are cumbersome. And 75 percent of those surveyed want an alternative.

That’s why companies and consumers are investing in biometrics. You might already know about it from using your thumb print on your cell phone. But it’s also eye scanning and face recognition. But the technology is still in the primitive stages.

“Whether it’d be on phones, laptops, little fingerprint scanners, or facial recognition, the general public technology for biometrics is nothing compared to corporations,” says Jeremy Simpson of The Computer Store.

But will passwords go away? At least for now, you’re only protection is that cumbersome password.

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