Builder chooses Manning to receive tiny home donation for SC flood relief

Governor Nikki Haley and Ben Kennedy of Brighton Builders in Manning, SC for the Team South Carolina Tour.

BLUFFTON, SC – Small town homebuilder, Ben Kennedy of Brighton Builders, will donate a tiny house to the First Baptist Church and Town of Manning in their South Carolina flood relief efforts.

While Governor Nikki Haley was in Manning this past Monday on the Team South Carolina Tour, Kennedy had the chance to speak with her about the ongoing need to provide South Carolina families with building supplies, especially in small towns such as Manning.

“We’re halfway done with the process of building the home and are doing everything we can to get it to the family as quickly as possible,” said Brighton Builders President Ben Kennedy.

First Baptist, along with the Town of Manning will choose a family in need to receive the home. Kennedy hopes that the home will be returned to the church when the family gets back on their feet so it can be donated to others who need temporary shelter.

The full scope of damage that South Carolina endured as a result of Hurricane Joaquin has not yet been fully assessed; however, it is said it will come close to that of Hurricane Hugo of 1989, which resulted in $13.5 billion.

In hopes of helping to repair the homes of the elderly, disabled and challenged families, the Town of Manning is asking for a list of building supplies to assist with Brighton’s tiny home project. A list of these items can be found here:

Brighton Builders has been building the tiny home at 1321 May River Road in Old Town Bluffton, and hopes to be done with construction by mid-November. They will continue their tiny home project by building a second home to donate to another family in need, which will begin construction immediately following the completion of the first home.

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