Seafood Businesses on Edisto See Water Inside After High Tides

EDISTO BEACH, S.C.–Flooding was a problem on Edisto Beach on Wednesday.

Businesses like Edisto Seafood and Dockside Bar and Grill are right on the water so when those high tides came in the water rushed right into their buildings. They had to delay their openings today because they needed to clean up all the mess the water left behind. They also say they expect the same thing to happen tomorrow.

“7.9 or 8 feet is how high it’s going to get then it will go down,” said Darrin Moore owner of Dockside Bar and Grill, a restaurant that specializes in seafood.

High tides and on shore winds brought water over roads and into buildings. Officials shut down sections of a couple streets. One of them being Dockside road where both Edisto Seafood and Dockside Bar and Grill sit. The owners of those two businesses were determined to get the water out.

“It always creates a mess because of the mud that comes in with it,” said Moore. “So you have to clean everything and get all the water out.”

Mary Evelyn Fontaine and her husband Ashley run Edisto Seafood next door and they agreed. “It’s just more of a pain,” Fontaine stated. “Like Darrin was saying to try to get all the water out and clean up afterwards.”

Fontaine said they normally open earlier during October, but had to postpone while they cleaned out the store. “Normally we open at 10 this time of year,” she said. “And we’re hopefully going to open up at 12 today.”

Both businesses are used to seeing high tides, but this year they’ve seen more flooding than usual. “They’ll come in once every couple of years,” Moore pointed out. “But this year…we’ve had quite a bit of them.”

They have had to close a couple of days this month, but say it hasn’t caused a significant loss for business.

“No major monetary loss or structural loss,” described Fontaine, “but this is kind of a slower time of the year for us in general. If this were to happen a week in July it would be a lot different as far as just closing down for a day.”

Moore agreed that his restaurant does not see a major loss, but his employees do. “They’re getting days off that they’d rather not have,” he said. “It’s getting closer to the holidays and Christmas and we want to get them in here as much as we can.”

These businesses are not the only buildings that saw water come inside…about 20 homes were damaged as well. Some of these are people’s second homes so they say they are not able to get help from FEMA.

More road closures are expected for Thursday morning on Edisto Beach as well.

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