Profile developing of suspects in murders of Holly Hill 4

ORANGEBURG COUNTY, SC — The Orangeburg County Sheriff has announced a task force designed to help bring the people responsible for murdering four Holly Hill residents to justice.

Tom Jacobson lives in Holly Hill. “I feel terrible for the family like anybody would for the family.” This is a common sentiment in Holly Hill, as residents wonder, who shot and killed two adults, Jerome Butler and Krystal Hutto, and two kids, (14 year old Tamara Perry and 17 year old Shamekia Sanders) and shot an eight year old who survived.

At a press conference Wednesday, Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell announced a task force with the FBI, US Marshals, SLED, Holly Hill Police and Orangeburg Sheriff’s Office is in place to find the killers.

He also said SLED now has a profile of the killers. At least two or more people, likely with no higher than a high school degree, who have some history with crimes like burglary, assault or other violent crimes. He said they may not have a job or be married. The suspects may be interested in the case. The Mercedes stolen from the home was discovered burned out in Vance. They believe the suspects may have connections in the Vance area.

There is likely one leader, who may have known there was going to be a murder at the shooting and one or more followers who may not have known what was planned.

Jacobson is frustrated that the killer is still on the loose, but with the new information, “I would hope that case would come to closure with an arrest and conviction.”

With new leads almost daily, The sheriff’s office is hoping for that as well.

Sheriff Ravenel addressed the suspects during his press conference, encouraging them to turn themselves in now. “I want to talk personally to them today from this podium and let them know that time is running out.”

you have any information about who committed this crime, call the hotline established for the case, 1-888-825-7172.

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