Officer’s note from traffic stop makes Georgetown woman ‘tear up’

“Never expected it to say what it did. I can honestly say it made me tear up. This officer made my day,” Ayla admits.

GEORGETOWN, SC (WBTW) – A Georgetown woman was pulled over for speeding Sunday afternoon and ended up publicly thanking the officer for what he gave her during the traffic stop.

The Georgetown Police Department shared a post on Facebook from driver and county resident Ayla H. after she explained that what she thought was a speeding ticket actually made her day. Ayla states in a Facebook post Sunday afternoon that she didn’t even notice how fast she was driving until she saw the blue lights behind her.

ticket3“I was headed to my parents’ house with Tara to drop off a pumpkin we carved for them. I was in a hurry because we had to get back home so Tara could finish her homework. I didn’t realize I was going over the speed limit until I got pulled over,” Ayla writes.

The Georgetown mother explained to the officer that she was rushing after dropping off a pumpkin at her parent’s house to return home and help her daughter with school work. The officer took Ayla’s information back to his cruiser and returned a few minutes later.

“He went back to his police car and I could see him busily writing my ticket. When he came back he told me he was giving me a warning. With a huge sigh of relief, I thanked him and left,” explains Ayla.

The Facebook post documents how the hurried mom handed the warning slip to her daughter and asked her to read it aloud.

“Never expected it to say what it did. I can honestly say it made me tear up. This officer made my day,” Ayla admits.

The ticket does not disclose the officer’s name or badge number, but his note is perfectly clear. In the notes section of the warning slip, the officer writes:

Thanks for all that you do. You could have spent Sunday alone, but you’re spending it helping you parents and daughter. Have a good day.”

Facebook users immediately applauded the officer’s actions with positive comments.

“Oh my gosh, this is wonderful,” comments Kelly S.

Sharon R. chimes in writing, “You got a great officer, and I for one appreciate their hard work.”

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