Beach Company makes statement on Sgt. Jasper planning redevelopment vote

'Sergeant Jasper' to get major makeover (Image 1)

The Beach Company has released a statement regarding the outcome of Wednesday’s Planning Commission meeting:

“The Beach Company is disappointed with the Planning Commission’s vote to propose downzoning and believes that the Sergeant Jasper site is being targeted with spot zoning – a dangerous precedent to set for property owners.  The self-initiated proposed zoning change by the commission is unprecedented.

The Planning Commission is well aware that The Beach Company has been working toward the redevelopment of the Sergeant Jasper site for years under its existing zoning, and a rezoning of this property midstream sends a loud message to developers and property owners that their property rights are not safe and the planning process is not to be trusted. The initial plan for the site received support from the city, and The Beach Company has made a significant investment towards the redevelopment of this property. When it comes to responsible development on the peninsula, Charleston needs to stand behind a vision that benefits future generations instead of rejecting plans to appease a vocal minority.

The Beach Company believes it has a vested right to redevelop the Sergeant Jasper site under the parcel’s existing zoning and remains committed to redeveloping the site.”


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