I-Team: High School Booster Club gets booted from Coastal Carolina Fair

Coastal Carolina Fair

It’s one of the main attractions at the Coastal Carolina Fair.  There are all sorts of foods in the fried variety to the sweet and meaty.

Every year some 230,000 people take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the fair, which is what makes it a successful fundraiser for local groups.

And every year, the Stratford High School Athletic Booster Club opens their kitchen to cater to the droves of fair goers.  They raise nearly $12,000 to support high school sports from the concession stand.  With the money, the Booster Club pays for all of the athletics awards, pins, and certificates at the high school.  The money also buys new equipment, uniforms, and other items for smaller sports teams.

This year things changed.

Viewers emailed and Facebook messaged the News 2 Investigation Team.  They wanted to know why the Knights were cut out of the fair this year.

News 2 Investigative Reporter, Rebecca Collett, took the question to the spokesman for the fair.

Joe Bolchoz says the booth wasn’t up to code, and so it was torn down. He said the Booster Club was given notice  the booth needed to be updated before it was operational.

“We expect them to live up to the same standards that we do as far as appearance, cleanliness, and of course safety,” Bolchoz told News 2.

A Booster Club spokesperson told News 2 the booth was updated in recent years, and the group didn’t have time to make any changes before the building was torn down.

“We had done a lot of upgrades the year before, and usually they would give a list and we would get parents that are contractors to help fix it,” one Booster Club member told News 2.

There are several other groups raising money through concession stands at the fair including, Goose Creek, Hanahan, the Omar Shine Club, and the North Charleston Exchange Club.

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