FEMA opens Disaster Recovery Centers in Berkeley County

FEMA has now opened two Disaster Recovery Centers in Berkeley County.

FEMA opened one at 303 North Goose Creek Boulevard at the Goose Creek Magistrate Court. Another center was opened at 1501 Recreation Road in Huger at the Berkeley County Medic Station 7.

You can get information and questions answered by members of FEMA and the Small Business Administration.

You are encouraged to apply if you have any possible damage resulting from the flooding. The deadline for application to FEMA is December 4th, 2015. After that date, you will not be able to try and get assistance.

Patricia Lord is the Disaster Recovery Center Manager in Goose Creek. “We are here to provide assistance if someone needs to apply, if they have not already applied for FEMA assistance, or if they just want to check their status. We also have an SBA representative here if you want to talk to us about your disaster related losses. We’re here to help and will continue to be here as long as we’re needed.”

The Goose Creek Center will be open seven days per week from 8 AM until 7 PM.image

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