Jeb Bush stumps in Lowcountry

Jeb Bush stopped by the Lowcountry Saturday to keep his GOP nomination hopes alive. News broke before the weekend the former Florida governor was cutting his presidential campaign budget by 40%.

“Senator Clinton was up by 25 points against an unknown guy named Barack Obama eight years ago,” said Jeb Bush to a room of reporters in high school drama classroom. “October is not when they elect people, it’s February,” said Bush. A recent Iowa poll has Bush sitting fifth well behind Ben Carson and Donald Trump.

Bush says the cuts are not really cuts and his campaign will be focusing its attention on the early primary states which includes South Carolina.

Hundreds filled auditorium at Bishop England high school in Daniel Island to hear bush in a town hall format mediated by Senator Tim Scott and Congressman Trey Gowdy. From Obama care to education, Bush explained his position to voters on national issues. “I would keep it there,” said Bush bluntly on the prospect of moving Guantanamo Bay detainees to Charleston’s Navy Brig.

Bush was sent off with a standing ovation at the conclusion of the town hall.”He’s the most experienced,” said Eva Ravenel, who has seen the other presidential hopefuls come through Charleston. “I think we’ve had someone who is a great spokesperson, but not someone who had a lot of experience – I think that’s what you need to be President of United States.”

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