Scam Tracker: The new online tool to fight scams


If you’ve ever been the target of a scam, but haven’t known the best way to warn others, there’s a new tool you should know about. It’s called the Scam Tracker, and it’s powered by the Better Business Bureau.

At just a few weeks old, the Scam Tracker in the Upstate already has 3 reports with 17 pending, and nationwide there are more than 3,000. Each scam report is verified before it’s posted.

Debt Collections, Lottery, Tech support, it’s all there. You can search for scams via location, date or name.

It might be the perfect solution to a common problem among people who are scam targets.

“I wouldn’t even know who to report that to,” said Lucas Griffin, who recently got a bogus call saying he had won a BMW. He happens to work for a BMW racing team, so he knew it was a fake.

Now, you might think no one’s going to fall for it, or it’s an old scam. But take it from me. Scammers are adept at making minor tweaks to their story line to make it that much more deceptive.

That is why Tammy Dankovich with the BBB says your help in warning others through the Scam Tracker is crucial.

“It gives the pulse of being able to locally see how many different people are getting called about a particular scam and being able to get that word out to media, law enforcement and our businesses, our consumers, as fast as we can,” said Dankovich.

The BBB does request your name and number so they can follow up with questions, but no one will see that information online.

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