SCDOT: updated road and bridge closure report

The SCDOT has released an update to the current roads and bridges closed across the state.

This report was last updated at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, October 19, 2015.

Click here to read the latest Road and Bridge Closure Report

Berkeley County
Spiers Landing Rd. from Buck Pond Lane to the Dead End Closed due to flooding.
Compton Dr. from Gants Rd. to Crystal Shores Dr. Closed due to road washout.
Gross Ave. from Hickory Hill Dr. to Farrell St. Closed due to road washout.
Haynesville Extension from Trivers Dr. to Haynesville Rd. Closed due to road washout.

Dorchester County
Road Name From To Description Anticipated Opening
Hatteras Bluff Road from Milepoint 1.12 to Milepoint 1.12 Closed due to flooding.
Sullivans Landing Road from US 17A to Parkers Ferry Road Closed due to flooding.

Georgetown County
Plantersville Road from Jackson Village Road to Exodus Road Closed due to flooding.
Pennyroyal Road from S-39 (Montford Road) to S-486 (Sunfish Street) Closed due to road washout.
Washout Aprox. 1.1 Miles from Highway 17 end. Traffic coming from U.S. 17 end use U.S. 521 to U.S. 17 Alt. to get to Santee Cooper and 3v Chemical.
Gapway Road from End Dirt Road to Kent Road intersection. Closed due to flooding.
Old Pee Road from Hicks Drive to Carvers Bay Road Closed due to flooding and road has washed out.

Williamsburg County
Earle Road from Oakridge Rd (S45-574) to Oceda Rd (S45-594)
Battery Park Road SC-261 (Hemingway Highway) S-51 (Friendship Church Road)
Old Georgetown Road from Midway Road (S-45-84) to Bartells Road (S-45-118)
Cade Road from S-504 (Bradley Bay Road) to S-118 (Bartells Road)

SCDOT road bridge 800 10_19

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