Flood waters finally receding for residents in Georgetown, SC

The floodwaters are finally receding for some folks in Georgetown.

For the first time since the historic rain two weeks ago, the Benjamin’s walked to their house Monday. Hutch and Carolyn Benjamin had only visited their flooded home by boat since October 5. “Oh my goodness this is a surprise,” exclaimed Hutch Benjamin as he peered through bushes at a partially flooded front yard. “Yesterday when we came here this was all water.”

The relief short lived as inside their home the reality of the devastation set. “Everything is gone,” said Carolyn Benjamin in her master bedroom with a 10 foot high moldy waterline staining the walls.

The Benjamin’s have flood insurance but say they are still waiting for help from the federal government. “The only things so far that I’ve received from FEMA is a case of water, a bucket, a mop and a shovel,” said Carolyn Benjamin, “it’s been two weeks and we have no housing ,we have no food type voucher and FEMA hasn’t really been here yet.”

The Benjamin’s say they have registered with FEMA and they are waiting for someone to inspect their home. All the while, still on the fence if they will move away from their home on the Black River. “We really like it here,” said Carolyn Benjamin, “but I don’t know maybe it’s some kind of omen to hit the road.”


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