DOT pushing for drone registrations

WIVB Staff

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) — The U.S. Secretary of Transportation is set to release registration regulations for drone owners.

The new regulations would require unmanned aircraft owner to register their small devices like every other aircraft owner. The Department of Transportation is behind the idea, citing it would make tracking drones easier for the Federal Aviation Administration.

This registration proposal comes after the FAA started having guidelines for drones. Under these guidelines, drone users cannot fly the devices higher than 400 ft., within three miles of an airport and within a one mile radius of stadiums during events.

Drone enthusiast, Glenn McLaughlin, agrees with the idea behind registering them.

“If we start registering the quad-copters then it will keep people who are using it for the unintended purposes out of the hobby life,” said McLaughlin.

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