Clyburn in Kingstree, says he plans congressional appropriations for flood damage

imageCongressman James Clyburn spent the day in Kingstree. He hosted a disaster relief forum Monday morning.

Clyburn told the crowd gathered at his forum that he plans to get money in a special congressional appropriation to help with the flooding.

Clyburn told those in attendance that he understood what they were going through, because he saw it in his own living room. “The water was absolutely going upward from the wind and got under the shingles. Then all of a sudden, I saw parts of the ceiling begin to fall.”

Just down the street, a crew from Christ in Action out of Virginia were helping Deborah Hanna with her mom’s home that flooded. “I waded in on this side of the yard and it went over my waders, but on the far end of the yard, it was over my head.”

She talked to a lady from a local church, and she arranged to have Christ in Action begin their work. “Everything has gone so smoothly. They’re just a gift from God. They really are.”

Chris Zitzmann is director of operations with Christ in Action. “We are helping gut the home. Since there’s been water in the home, all the saturated contents have been contaminated, they need to come out.”

Deborah has applied for help from FEMA. She is expected to hear whether FEMA will provide assistance within 10 days.

At the forum, Congressman Clyburn suggested that everyone should apply with FEMA just in case they realize they have damage they may not currently be aware of.

He also warned to beware of scams. FEMA will never show up and charge you to do an inspection. They will always have official ID badges.

It’s been an emotional time for many recently, including Deborah. “It has been. it’s been a long two weeks. But the sun is shining today and tomorrow’s another day.”

If you need help, or you can volunteer or donate money to Christ in Action, they would appreciate your contacting them. Call (571) 358-9242 or email, or visit

To contact FEMA to apply for assistance, call (800)621-3362 or visit

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