Some flood victims say they aren’t getting the help they need

News 2 is continuing to receive phone calls from people saying they aren’t receiving the help they need restoring what they lost in the floods. Neighbors on Johns Island say after going through a tornado and then flooding right after, they need a little extra help getting back on their feet.

Dr. Linda Geronilla, who lives on Johns Island, says, “Nobody from a federal agency or state agency has called or knocked on my door or offered to help, nothing.”

She says trying to recover from a tornado and flooding can be overwhelming.

Geronilla says, “I wish somebody would’ve offered to help. I think that would’ve been nice at a point where, you know, we got hit with two disasters right smack behind each other, and it wasn’t good.”

FEMA says they do have representatives out in the community going door-to-door, but people don’t have to wait to get help. They say by going online or calling FEMA (1-800-621-3362), people can take matters into their own hands.

William C. Lindsey, spokeman for FEMA, says, “We understand the frustration and our number 1-800-621-FEMA is available out there and you have to keep trying. You have to stay in charge of your recovery.”

Charleston County also has resources available. The county reminds the community that public library computers are available for anyone without internet access. The county is also helping with debris cleanup. So far, Charleston County has collected 3,200 cubic yards of debris, that’s 62 truck loads. If you still need debris picked up from your home, you can call Charleston County Public Works at (843) 202-7800. The county asks you do not pick up debris in black bags and do not place it near utilities along the road. The county will be continuing debris pick-up this weekend and into next week.

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