Northwood Academy’s Jack Bunch retires after coaching for 50 years

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. – Jack Bunch called his first play in 1965. Fifty years later, Jack Bunch called his last play.

“I’m going to miss it, no doubt about it,” said Bunch after his Northwood Academy Junior Varsity team notched their last win of the season, giving the program it’s first undefeated season since he started the program in 2004.

As the game came seconds from ending, Bunch’s players struggled to pick up the gatorade tub that would commemorate his last victory. He tried to avoid the ice-water bath but much to his players delight, they soaked their head coach.

Despite the age disparity, it’s obvious the old ball coach has the respect of player who were born while he was in his 5th decade of coaching.

“I think somebody said ‘well they like.’ Well, most of them like their grandfather,” said Bunch.

While teaching the fundamentals of football, Bunch was also helping the kids grow up while they helped keep him young.

“Technology, I am behind. I am probably like Coach Spurrier on that I don’t twitter or do anything like that.”

Now the next chapter of his life begins with his wife. The coach isn’t worried about being bored, he calls himself a “piddler,” but he admitted he will miss coaching.

“It’s just the relationship you build with the kids. You get to see them everyday and it takes a special kid to play football.”


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