Chas. Animal Society seeking homes for hundreds of kittens following SC floods

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – The historic flooding that devastated South Carolina over the past few weeks didn’t just affect homeowners. Countless animals were also left homeless and are now in need of your help.

Kerry Meier says her newly adopted kitten, Lennon, is already a part of the family.

Meier told News 2, “I mean, just watching him run around the house for 10 minutes is the best entertainment of the day. This was just too cute to resist. I’m definitely more of a dog person but he kind of won me over.”

Meier says during the historic flooding two weeks ago, a friend in North Charleston started to find tiny kittens seeking shelter from the storm behind a UPS warehouse. “On Wednesday when it started raining, they found a little girl in a corner of the warehouse

After finding a home for the first, they found Lennon a few days later.

Meier explained, “Two days later she went outside and saw this guy hiding under the equipment out back and they knew that the storm was about to let loose that night so she took him in too.”

Luckily for Lennon and his sister, they found permanent homes; but for hundreds of other kittens rescued during the storm, they’re still waiting.

“We have about 350, upwards of 400 kittens right now,” said CEO of the Charleston Animal Society, Joe Elmore.

Elmore says animal shelters in Summerville, Georgetown and Ravenel flooded. Therefore, he and his team took those animals to safety in North Charleston.

Elmore says right now they have close to 700 animals at their shelter.

In the adoption lobby at the animal society, they actually had to bring in temporary kennels for all of the kittens.

“As soon as the flooding started we started seeing an absence of adopters,” said Elmore.

With so many homes damaged, Elmore says the would-be adopters now need shelter themselves.

“That is what the impending crisis is. We will be running adoption specials next week and we just need folks to make homes. Just make a home for one more animal, one more kitten, and that will help us out tremendously.”

Officials from the animal society want to remind our viewers they are open seven days a week and will be hosting a large adoption day next week. More details to come.

For more information on where and how to adopt, click here.


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